Assessment strategies include metrics, surveys, interviews, and action research. These methodologies help managers and executives better understand organizational issues, gain insights, and document change over time. For example:

  • Assessments for individual and organizational resilience

  • Key manager interviews to assess cultural alignment for health and high performance

  •  Educational and interventional program evaluations

  • Research bibliographies and white paper summaries

  • Community health strengths and needs assessments

  •  Assess collaboration, communication, and goal achievement strategies among multi-disciplinary teams, including talent development, health, well-being, and disability management


  • Led focus groups with managers to assess health attitudes, perceptions, and site priorities
  • Provided web-based health risk assessments and onsite screenings at multiple employer sites
  • Reviewed health risk and care utilization data to determine population health management priorities  
  • Recruited employer participants into a national study on workplace stress for a research firm’s government client
  • Worked with team to design health assessments and outcome documentation for cardiovascular disease management through primary care
  • Interviewed managers to assess levels of support for health-related initiatives and presented results to senior executives
  • Worked with major benefit consulting firm on model for assessing disease management vendors
  • Assessed multidisciplinary perceptions about stress and resilience among national set of employers 
  • Completed annotated bibliography of research on work-related mental health issues