Partners, Thought Leaders & Resources

Information from these individuals and organizations may influence your thinking or lead you in a new direction in your own quest for individual and organizational health, high performance, and adaptive capacity:

·         Amy Cuddy – Body language and power postures

·        APA Center for Organizational Excellence – Recognizes organizations for efforts to foster employee health and well-being

·         Barbara Fredrickson – Positive emotions  

·        Benz Communications – Benefits communication and strategy  

·        Carol Dweck -- Research on growth vs. fixed mindset

·        Chad Hymas – Purpose driven leadership   

·         Corey Keyes – Flourishing research

 ·         Cyboran Consulting – Niche consulting to improve benefits effectiveness

·         Dalai Lama – Neuroscience of mindfulness and compassion

·         Daniel Goleman – Emotional/social intelligence and leadership   

·         Daniel Kahneman – Research on well-being, bias, and judgement 

·         Dennis Charney – Neurobiology of depression, anxiety, and resilience 

·         Disability Management Employer Coalition – Tools, resources, and focused education

·         Ed Diener – Happiness and well-being  

·         Edington Associates – Organizational health  

·         Essi Systems – Resilience and stress management tools    

·         Gabriele Oettingen – Motivation and goal setting

·         Gail Wagnild – Resilience assessment and programs   

·         Gallup Healthways Well-being Index – Data on individual and collective health and well-being    

·         George Engel – Biopsychosocial model   

·         Greenleaf Integrative Strategies – Resiliency, leadership, and disaster response training 

·       Gretchen Spreitzer – Researcher on organizational change and thriving   

·         Habit Design – Habit training platform   

·         Healthentic – Population health dashboard  

·         Health Improvement Solutions – Workplace health and wellness services 

·         HERO – Non-profit group that convenes employers and thought leaders around workplace health and well-being   

·         Human Performance Institute – Energy management training

·         IBI – Non-profit that provides data, research and tools for workplace health decision makers  

·         It's OK – Videos to start the conversation, from Greater KC Mental Health Coalition

·         John Caciappo – Social neuroscientist   

·         Jon Kabat-Zinn – Mindfulness meditation    

·         Karl Weick & Kathleen Sutcliffe – Organizational mindfulness  

·         Kelly McGonigal – The Upside of Stress 

·         Limeade – Technology platform for employee health, well-being, and performance  

·         Martin Seligman – Pioneer of positive psychology

·         Marshall Goldsmith –  Executive coach and leadership trainer

·         Matthew Lieberman – Social cognitive neuroscientist   

·         Mental Health America of California –  Mental health workplace education and training program 

·         meQuilibrium – Resilience-building platform    

·         Michael Gazzaniga – Cognitive neuroscience   

·         Minute Movement – Movement system for optimal health   

·         Neuroleadership Institute – Brain-based leadership training   

·         ORCAS – Research-based mobile self-management interventions   

·         Partnership for Workplace Mental Health – A program of the American Psychiatric Association Foundation that provides resources and case examples to help employers communicate and develop supportive benefits

·         Performance pH – Business transformation advisors that focus on organizational foundations, engagement, and vitality  

·         Peter Senge – Organizational learning and systems theory  

·         Potentia Labs – Web-based behavior change application featuring leading scientists in human flourishing  

 ·        Richard Davidson – Neuroscience of emotion

·         Salveo Partners – Workplace culture consultants   

·         Stephen Porges – Social neuroscientist   

·         Table Group – Organizational effectiveness consultants  

·         Thrive 4-7 – Person-centered digital experiences focused on improving population health and well-being     

·         Thich Nhat Hanh – Mindfulness and non-violence

·         Turning Point – Programs and resources through the University of Kansas Hospital for people and families living with serious or chronic illness 

·         VegaFactor – Consultants and authors of “Primed to Perform”  

·         Vic Strecher – University of Michigan researcher and writer on life purpose

·         VitalSmarts – Corporate training and organizational performance specialists   

·         William Miller & Stephen Rollnick – Motivational interviewing and behavior change

·         Wilmar Scheufeli – Work engagement and burnout