We help you build strategies for individual, organizational, and community health, well-being, high performance, and thriving. Includes approaches that are 1) Universal, 2) Targeted, and 3) Intensive:

3) Intensive – Proactive outreach and individualized interventions for “troubled employees” and individuals with identified mental health conditions and co-occurring mental and physical conditions.

2) Targeted – Benefits and resources, such as information, screenings, and educational programs, for people at risk of difficulties with mental health and well-being.

1) Universal – Values-based leadership, culture, and management practices that prevent distress and build resilience in the entire workforce. These resources for all employees help make the organization adaptive and effective.

Download a copy of A Systems Model for Healthy and High-Performing Workplaces here.

EXAMPLES OF PAST Client-Driven & targeted CONSULTING & Training ENGAGEMENTS:

  • Led a collaborative multi-location population health management approach for a large employer -- communication,   assessments, trainings, coaching, wellness, health care consumerism, and incentive programs
  • Developed and taught health managers a train-the-trainer curriculum for stress and life management
  • Engaged in strategy development of a cardiovascular disease management program for a national health system and trained primary care physicians on treatment guidelines and patient behavior change
  • Led a community-employer partnership for encouraging early prenatal care for rural immigrant workers and families
  • Facilitated a multi-employer initiative around awareness and access to quality care for depression
  • Trained health coaches on facilitating behavior change for a large employer
  • Developed physician and patient education materials for a health advocacy group
  • Developed learning activities and materials on a variety of health topics for a health system, including stress management, weight loss, and smoking cessation
  • Conducted leadership training to identify strengths, shared values, desired goals, and resources needed for a healthy culture
  • Developed design and content for an interactive database of employer case examples
  • Helped non-profit organizations develop collaborative relationships with employers
  • Taught graduate-level university courses on learning theories, wellness, and behavior change