Learning Systems

Managing connections

A three- to four-hour workshop for managers on how managing connections helps drive performance -- connections between the automatic and the intentional brain systems, between managers and employees, between teams, and between workplaces and communities.

  • Consists of communication, training, modeling, and coaching that primes the performance of managers and supervisors, enhances self-efficacy, and makes desired values-based behaviors more automatic. Has systemic effects of aligning cultures of health and high performance.
  • Components:

1.     Mindful reflection on and awareness of current and desired state

2.     Goal-setting and behavioral activation strategies for personal well-being and organizational performance

3.     Recognition of mindsets, thinking traps, emotional hijacking, and obstacles to desired actions

4.     Cognitive reappraisal and restructuring

5.     Self-leadership and group leadership skill development

6.     Resilience and adaptive capacity skill development

7.     Collaboration, communication, trust, connectedness

8.     Team challenges

9.     Energy enhancement

10.  Habit and routine development


Virtual workshop follow-up

Weekly installments in an interactive webinar format to discuss experiences and set new team goals


Individual web-based programs

Reinforces workshop learnings and helps establish individual habits for resilience and leadership skills


Mentoring and Train-the-trainer boosters

Boosters to 1) facilitate strategy development, goal-setting, and communication among cross-functional team managers, 2) hold teams accountable for goals, and 3) build positive energy for change


individual coaching

Coaching in-person or remotely to reinforce accountability for goal achievement and habit development